Are you driven, sharp and trustworthy?

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Are you driven, sharp and trustworthy?

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Descriure la nostra pròpia personalitat o la dels altres pot ser complicat i encara més si ho hem de fer en un altre idioma. Per això avui compartim amb vosaltres aquest petit recull de 30 adjectius i expressions en anglès que de ben segur us facilitaran la feina.


Someone you admire

a role model – someone you want to be like

someone to look up to – someone you admire

be an inspiration (to) – be the sort of person other people want to be like


Someone who is clever

smart cookie – an idiom for someone who is clever

sharp – a smart person

a straight A student –  someone who did well at school


Someone who is friendly

sociable – outgoing – somebody who likes spending time with people

get on well with people – somebody who is good at relationships

life and soul of the party – the sort of person who is lively at parties


Someone who is quiet

a wall flower – an idiom for someone who doesn’t participate in parties much – generally a negative phrase

keep yourself to yourself – somebody who prefers to be alone

be a private person – a person who doesn’t go out much


Someone who is ambitious

driven/motivated – someone who tries hard to achieve their goals

single -minded – someone who is focused on their goals and doesn’t get distracted

a real go-getter – an idiom for someone who is proactive and works for what they want


 Someone who is realistic

be a very grounded person/keep both feet on the ground – someone who doesn’t get carried away by their emotions

keep things in perspective/proportion – be able to see how important things really are – often when there is a problem

be sensible – be intelligent in a practical way


 Someone who is stylish

have a sense of style – have your own ideas about what is fashionable and not do/wear what is trendy/popular

have a good eye for – an idiom for someone who can see what is stylish

have good taste – be able to judge what is stylish


Someone who is reliable

trustworthy – someone you can trust

someone you can bank on – someone you can rely on

be level-headed/not lose your head – someone who doesn’t panic under a stressful situation


Someone who is strongminded

have/get your own way – make other people do what you want

be a force of nature – have a very strong character and be able to make other people do what you want even against their will

never takes no for an answer – someone who is not put off by opposition


Family people

a typical family person – someone who prefers to spend their time at home with their family

put your family first – the family is your first priority

be a chip of the old block – be very similar to your mother/father


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